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1% Of Profits Being Donated to Plastic Oceans UK

The premier sparkling probiotic alcoholic beverage that boasts low sugar, big flavors, and great fun! d

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    Happy Customer!

    WOW!! The Berry is fantastic! You can smell the Kombucha but it isn't so overpowering that it ruins the drink! I LOVE the ginger, adds a real ZING!

    Nicola Brown
    Boocha Fanatic!

    Delicious and Zingy! In LOVE!

    Love these drinks! A great way to start my Friday night! Fruity, delicious and it gives me a great BUZZ! Happy customer!

    Lauren Cooke
    Kombucha Addict!

    Loving the Cheeky!

    The Cheeky Pineapple is my favourite! The pineapple isn't too sweet and compliments the ginger. I love the smell too!!! 100% buying more!

    Rachel Madden
    Boozy Boocha Fan

    Not Your Average Kombucha

    Just because OG Kombucha was made by monks, doesn’t mean we have to live like one! With delicious flavours, healthy components and an alcohol content of 4%, Boozy Boocha is Kombucha with a Kick!

    Zero= Hero

    Boozy Boocha has ZERO artificial flavors, ZERO refined sugars, is Gluten Free, and VEGAN!

    Made In The UK

    Like all of the greatests (David Bowie, The Beatles, Baked Beans, David Beckham’s Abs), Boozy Boocha was created and is canned in the UK.

    Fizzy, Fruity, Fun!

    This ultra-fizzy, fruity flavoured bevvy packs a carbonated punch of fun in every can!

    Good Vibes Only - Give Back!

    We at Boozy Boocha pledge to donate 1% of profit to Plastics Oceans, UK. Each purchase helps protect our oceans, so Boocha big, and drink up!

    As Sparkly As Your Personality

    Made by fellow Healthy Hedonists for those who want to have a good time and feel great after. This premiere sparkling alcoholic probiotic powerhouse is chock full of goodness and good vibes - it sparkles as much as you!


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