Meet the Team

Meet our awesome team

Meet the awesome team behind Boozy Boocha!

Emma Louise

Fizz Fanatic- CEO

Former British Pop Star turned Entrepreneur. She's a Crossfit Enthusiast, Kombucha Fanatic, and wants drinks to be as bubbly as her personality. Her Fave Flavour is Cheeky Pineapple.

Dieter Von Schneider

Entrepreneur- COO

Deets is a Start-Up Savant. He crushes Crossfit/punishes his Peloton and loves Kombucha almost as much as his better half! His Fave Flav is our Cheeky Pineapple!

Tanner Lyon

Seed Investor

Made in America, Tin Tans is an expert in Exercise Science & Nutrition. She's an Endurance Exercise Aficionado, and loves both fizzy drinks and festivals with all of her tiny little heart. Her Fave Flav is Berry Mischievous.