Welcome to the Eighth Wonder of the World, the Boozy Boocha Wholesale inquiry page! We are massively excited that you are interested in stocking our Kombucha with a Kick in your awesome store!

Here’s the Scoop:

Boozy Boocha is a small, family-run (family by friendship, not blood) business out of London, UK. We are a predominantly female operated company (BOOYAH!) and our mission is to ensure a brighter future through innovative beverages that enrich the lives of consumers and support sustainable environmental practices. After you’ve placed your epic order, be sure to check out the founders’ profiles…there may be a quiz after! Study up, ladies and gentlemen! 

The Goods:

Our Boozy Boocha is the premier sparkling alcoholic-infused kombucha crafted to give you and your customers the healthy buzz you crave. We put extra attention (and loooove) into every batch so that you and your customers receive the highest quality of goods. Our delicious flavours, nutrient dense products, eye-catching cans and product names, and philanthropic donation to Plastic Oceans UK, will excite, delight, and fulfill customers all throughout the Motherland! 

Bragging Rights:

Boozy Boocha is the first premier sparkling alcohol-infused kombucha made and distributed in the UK (Dad we made it!). It is an antioxidant rich, probiotic powerhouse of a drink that may aid in digestion, blood flow, sleep, and overall wellness. This ultra-fizzy, fruity flavoured bevvy packs a carbonated punch of fun in every can, and with zero artificial flavors, no gluten and no refined sugars you can feel guilt free about feeling gooooooood. 

Sounds Ah!mazing…Sign Me Up Yesterday! How Do I Order?

Make sure to fill out the form and let us know if you prefer ordering online using our top-secret password protected page OR via email. Either way, it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy and our team of healthy hedonist guides and experts is here to help you along the way!Whether you’re an online store, brick and mortar, pop-up, distributor or a big box retailer, send us a message today to see a) how freaking cool we are b) all of the ways in which Boozy Boocha can add some extra sparkle, fizz, and fun to your store and 3) to put massive smiles on your customers’ faces and joy in their hearts (and gullets)!

#neverforget #goodvibesonly #savethefishes #plasticoceansUK #DavidAttenboroughismyhero:

Remember, We at Boozy Boocha have a deep love for the deep blue and are passionate about preserving marine ecosystems. We pledge to invest 1% of our profit to Ocean Generation (https://www.oceangeneration.org – Registered UK Charity Number: 1139843) which is supported by national treasure Sir David Attenborough, and serves to both educate citizens and eradicate unnecessary use of plastics. Boozy Boocha is served in cans because they are 100% recyclable and can be reprocessed without the loss of quality or the integrity of the product or of our company. We truly believe that because companies profit from the resources they take from the earth, they have a duty to protect those resources, and we are honored that, through your purchases, you are aiding us in this endeavor. 

With Love,
Diets, Ems, & Tans XO

P.S We do not accept any Amazon sellers. Sorry not sorry LOL

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