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Cheeky Pineapple Boozy Boocha



Savour the sweet, slightly tart flavour of the tropics with our Cheeky Pineapple Boozy Boocha. Each naughty sip of this sparkling probiotic beverage will tantalise the taste buds, and with an alcohol content of 4% amount, you can get turned upside down if you choose! Be warned, this pineapple has spikes! 


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What Makes Boozy Boocha So Awesome?


While we could go on and on in glorious detail about the amazing qualities of our premier probiotic sparkling alcoholic beverage, we’ll spare you the agony and instead, present it to you in song. Just kidding!!! Here is what makes this drink so delightful for realz:

  • Brewed, Canned, and Distributed in the UK.

UK All Day, BB! Designed to be drunk at those perfect British events — garden parties, picnics, pubs, and stag/hen-dos.

  • As Virtuous as the Queen!

    Boozy Boocha is vegan, gluten free, low-carb, and made only with natural ingredients and flavours

  • Good for the Body, Spirit, & Soul

    Boozy Boocha is brimming with antioxidants, vitamins, and probiotics to help make your Body feel rocking, the 4% Alcohol Content will certainly lift your Spirits, and the fact that each purchase helps contribute to Plastic Oceans UK is better for the Soul than Chicken Noodle Soup!

  • Awesome Alternative to High Calorie, Sugary Alcoholic Beverages

    With no artificial sweeteners or flavours, Boozy Boocha is a way to get your drink on without adding on the pounds! Not to mention, Cosmos and White Russians were sooooo the early 2000s. We’re confident that, if given a Boozy Boocha, the Dude would abide.


Mic Dropped.

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